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Our Mission Statement

ethos aims


At Moore Primary School we value every child as unique and endeavour to nurture pupils to have respect, tolerance and compassion for others.  We strive to unlock the potential of every child so that they can achieve to the best of their ability.

Our aim is to inspire the children in our care to leave Moore Primary as enthusiastic, resilient learners who are confident as they prepare for the next stage of learning.



'Striving for Excellence'


Our aim is to encourage excellence in all aspects of school like.  It also reminds us that the goal is difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain.

It is important that all partners in the life of school should adopt the motto and be constantly reminded of it

We, therefore, 'strive for':

Excellence of welcome

At Moore we aim to offer a warm and friendly welcome to all.

Excellence of communication

At Moore we aim to use a range of media to encourage the effective exchange of ideas and information between school, home and community.

Excellence of relationships

At Moore we aim to ensure that every individual feels valued and respected and shows consideration for others.

Excellence of environment

At Moore we aim to create a safe, secure and stimulating environment where positive learning takes place.

Excellence of resources

At Moore we aim to provide and use a wide range of good quality resources to promote teaching and learning.

Excellence of learning experience

At Moore we aim to use a range of teaching styles to deliver a broad, balanced and enjoyable curriculum.

Excellence of achievement

At Moore we aim to provide experiences and challenges, which will enable children to develop their full potential.

Excellence of celebration

At Moore we aim to recognise and reward effort and achievement in all areas of the school community.


Nurture, Respect, Inspire, Compassion, Resilience, Enthusiasm

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