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There have been so many people pass through Moore's door and we are sure they would be a great inspiration and aspiration to our current pupils.

Some have been back in contact with us and have been willing to share their stories of what they did once they left Moore.

Here are the stories of those who were wiling to share. 

Journey beyond Moore

My name is Lucy Blakeley. I attended Moore Primary School in 2006-2012. I am now training to be a primary school teacher myself at Chester University, because of how much I enjoyed Primary School. I am happy for this information to be shared with the pupils, as I believe teaching is such a fulfilling job

My name is Imogen Perry,

I attended Moore school from 1988/89 to 1995.

I now work as an Occupational Therapist. I live locally after returning following moving away for university and for my first job.

My sisters attended with me and are planning to send an e-mail through as they live much further afield in Australia and New Zealand.

“My name is Peter Shields and I left year 6 at Moore Primary School in the summer of 2000. I have many great memories of Moore, including; planting the daffodils that many of you will pass each day (in spring) to get to school, if you travel from Sandymoor. We planted them in 1996 in memory of the late school caretaker, Mr Pearsall. Unfortunately for those in attendance, I was also the lead character in my year 6 school play ‘The Phantom of the Science Lab’ where I had to sing a couple of solo songs! 

After Moore, I went to Helsby High School where I had a very enjoyable 7 years. I was a school prefect and was also on the school council. Mostly, I enjoyed playing football for the school football team. I left Helsby Sixth Form in 2007 with; 9 GCSEs (B-C) and 4 A-Levels (B-D).

Following High School, I went to Chester University, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, achieving a 2:1. During my college/university education I had an array of varied part-time jobs including; working for the Department for Work and Pensions and Toys R Us!

I worked for Everton Football Club for 8 years until 2012, when I applied to be a Police Officer. This was a brilliant time in my life as I am a huge Everton supporter and I was lucky enough to meet a lot of my heroes at Finch Farm and Goodison Park. 

Prior to joining the Police in 2012, I walked the Inca Trail from Cusco to the ancient site of Macchu Pichu in Peru, South America. This was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it. I was part of a small team of Everton staff that raised over £30,000 to fund our trip and raise money for the club’s official charity; Everton in the Community. 

I began my Police training with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, in October 2012 in Oxfordshire. It was a tough but very rewarding course where I learned many things. I finished my training in March 2013 and became an AFO (Authorised Firearms Officer). I then moved to the Lake District in Cumbria where I was to be based. 

Fast forward nearly eight years and I am now a Police Sergeant, responsible for looking after a large team of Police Firearms Officers. I am married with two children and we feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country. 

My time at Moore Primary School was brilliant and I will always look back on it with fond memories of the people that gave me such a great head start in life; in particular Mr Edwards (the Headmaster) and ‘Miss Mac’ who was my teacher in both year 3 and year 6.




Jessica Morgan

After completing my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at The University of Nottingham I am now a registered dietician.

Lewis Morgan

University wise, in 2012 I went to the University of Southampton and studied a 4 year integrated masters, MEng Mechanical Engineering/Automotive.

I also spent lots of time at university working on Formula Student extracurricularly. The picture of the little racing car in the cones was our 4th car with me driving it in the Czech Republic event in the summer of 2016, just after graduating.

While at uni I had a 3 month summer placement at Jaguar Land Rover at the Castle Bromwich factory quality auditing cars.

From the placement I got a place on the graduate scheme at JLR which is 2 years long and I will come to the end of in September 2018.

I get to move around the company on placements on the scheme but my home role is as a Technical Data Analyst in Quality Assurance dealing with warranty claims.

Want to be involved


Let us know when you attended Moore, what your name is / was and what you are doing now.

Thanks for being willing to share your story.

Katy Lancaster

1981 - 1988 Moore Primary School

1988 - 1995 Bridgewater High School

1995 - 1999 MSci in Physics with Astrophysics at Bristol University 

1999 - 2000 Gap year, travelling the world with a rucksack 

2000 - 2004, PhD researching Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation at Cambridge University - using some very big telescopes, like the one at Jodrell Bank

2004 - 2011 Bristol University - further research and lecturing

2011 - 2017 UK Meterological  Office - working across a range of areas including education and public information and weather observations and as a scientific consultant.  Helping to design and test an instrument that measures the amount of volcanic ash in the air.

2017 - 2018 Cycling 14,000K with my husband through SE Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Southern Europe

2019 Now working for a company who make a maths website for schools.  Training teachers to use the website 


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