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School Assessment

The recording of achievement and coverage of the curriculum in all subjects is an important aid to continuity between year groups and key stages.

Accurate assessment is the key to individual progress. In order to set appropriate challenges, teachers use formative and summative assessment to have a clear picture of what pupils already know and can do.

Assessments of learning are carried out each November, March and June in reading, writing and mathematics, with clear tracking in place, using NC criteria. Children are assessed to see if they are at an expected level for their year group or are above or below this level of attainment. These are shared with children and parents to enable them to know the ‘next steps’ in their learning.

On-going assessment of Learning in Science and foundation subjects are made at the end of a topic or unit as well as a summative assessment at the end of the year using National Curriculum criteria.

Formative assessments are carried out regularly to inform planning and ensure the needs of all children are met. Where appropriate, children are involved in self or peer assessments.

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