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What are we doing currently

The School Council are currently working with the Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust and the whole school to help reduce the use of plastic.  This is what they have done so far:

yesDelivered an Assembly about 'Drowning in plastic', which highlighted the problems and disucssed ways          in which we can reduce plastic in school and at home.

yesHeld a poster competition in school about reducing litter and plastic.

yesWrote to the local supermarkets to ask what they are doing about the crisis and asked them to display            the posters.

yesSpoken to ecobricks and recycling crtips packets through the Walkers Scheme

yesInvited the Environmental Trust in to ado Assembly about the plastic resolution project,

yesArranged a local litter pick with the Trust.

yesWrote a letter to parents to ask for help in the pledge to help save the planet.

The School Council are very passionate about this cause and have been very active in helping to reduce the problem.

What award are we currently working towards

The School Council have decided to work towards the 'Litter Heroes' Award.  This ties in with all the hard work we are doing towards helping reduce waste and litter in the environment

Fundraising Activities

At Moore the School Council organised many fundraising activties throughout the year to help others who are less fortunate than themselves.  This includes fundraising for the following:

heartSpotty Day in aid of Children in Need (including a very exciting Duck Race).

heartGuess the Teddy at the School Fair to raise funds for school.

heartRed Day in aid of Comic Relief.

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