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School Improvement Plan 2021/2022


Key Priority 1-Quality of Education

To embed the 2019 curriculum framework, with clear intent and access to a broad, balanced curriculum post pandemic:


  • Consider Intent, Implementation and Impact of our current curriculum offer and how basic skills are incorporated and developed through the curriculum
  • Support development of the curriculum to ensure it targets school context
  • Adjustments made to curriculum to plug gaps and use of knowledge mats to support and accelerate learning of all pupils. Areas include: Music, PE, Geography-field work element and MFL
  • Catch Up Premium effectively used to target disadvantaged pupils with greatest need
  • Review MT and LT planning and adjust
  • Within COVID H&S restrictions, provide a range of learning experiences/opportunities which excite and challenge children’s learning
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to find things out for themselves.

Key Priority 2- Quality of Education

To strengthen the teaching of writing across the school, through improvements in pedagogy and resources which allows all pupils to make good progress by the end of the Key Stage:

  • Complete Pathways to write training, making adjustments to pedagogy and providing resources that enable access for all pupils.
  • Identify and reduce barriers to learning for specific pupils.
  • To identify target groups of children in writing and plan appropriate interventions.
  • Track children’s progress through regular, on-going assessment. Adjust support as necessary.
  • To assess children’s work at planned intervals and provide feedback which includes targets specific to the child.
  • To ensure that children know and understand what they have to do to get better and this information is shared with parents.

Key Priority 3-Behaviour and Attitudes

Review current behaviour systems and identify additional measures/training for children with SEND to ensure consistency throughout the school:

  • Review of system-rewards and sanctions for all
  • Inform parents of system-agreed rewards & sanctions
  • Monitor behaviour systems in all classes to ensure consistency of approach and application
  • Support staff with training and understanding of children with SEND
  • Complete Team Teach training with all staff
  • EP/SEND/BST services utilised for specific children
  • IBP introduced and monitored for individual children

Key Priority 4-Personal Development

Continue to improve the quality of our pastoral support for all pupils and ensure the criteria for the 5-Ways to Well-being are embedded:

  • High quality pastoral support and positive mental health for all stake-holders.
  • Continue to invest in staff training and development so that all children have access to trained MHFA & ELSA.
  • Review and embed the new curriculum for PSHE

Key Priority 5-Leadership and Management

Monitor and review curriculum development, planning and classroom environments:

  • Each class has a carefully planned curriculum which includes a range of visits, visitors and practical experiences which inspire and excite learners.
  • Continue to upskill middle leaders through programme of internal support from senior leaders and involvement of external partners
  • Subject leaders plan and organise training in new initiatives and monitor progress in subject.
  • All medium term plans reviewed and adapted to needs of children.

Key Priority 6-EYFS

To implement the updated EYFS framework:

  • Continue to develop a language rich learning environment with an engaging reading and writing area.
  • Ensure outdoor provision reflects the provision indoors and provides appropriate levels of challenge for children of all abilities.
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