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School Admissions

The school follows Halton Borough Councils admissions procedures, the local authority is responsible for all admissions.

Parents wishing to enrol their children should contact the school office 01925 740326 or visit the Local Authority website

Click on the link below to take you to the Local Authoroties  Admission Section 

Application to Primary 2024

The deadline to apply for a primary school place in September 2024 is 15th January 2024. This round is open to parents/carers with children born on or between 01/09/19 and 31/08/20(Reminder you must apply to the authority in which you reside). 
Please click on the link below to take you to Haltn Borough Councils Primary Application Section

Parents will be informed by the LA of the place allocated to their child. If the school is oversubscribed with applications for admittance, then the following order of priorities will apply:-

1. Children in public care

2. Children with brothers or sisters in school at the date of entry

3. Children living nearest to the school

Any family refused admission does have the right to appeal to the Local Authority. If you have any further enquiries about admissions please contact school

Parents are invited to come to a meeting in the Summer Term before the child starts school. This meeting is an opportunity to meet teachers, other parents and governors and to find out about the work of the school. We also arrange an  afternoon visit for the children during the summer term when they spend time getting to know their new friends and staff.      

Visits to school

We encourage anyone thinking of applying for a place at Moore Primary School to book a visit.

Visits take place during the Autumn Term (September-December) and during the school day.  

To arrange a visit to Moore please contact the school office between September and December, either by telephone: 01925-740326 or email: sec.moore@haltonlearning.net. 

Application to Secondary 2024

The deadline to apply for a secondary school place in September 2024 is 31st October 2023. This round is open to parents/carers with Year 6 children born on or between 01/09/12 and 31/08/132 (Reminder you must apply to the authority in which you reside).

Please click on the link below to take you to Halton Borough Council's Secondary Application Section


Admission to other year groups within the school year

Application forms are available from the school or via the link below. Places can be allocated by the school providing there are spaces available up to the 30 Pupil Admission Number within each year group. Please contact the school office direct.

Parents will be notified in writing if they have been granted or refused a place at the school. All parents have the right of appeal to the LA if a place is refused.


School Admissions & Appeals Privacy Notice

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