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Infants (Reception & Key Stage 1)

Infant children (Years R, 1 and 2)  Under the government initiative UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals) Infant children are entitled to a free meal daily.  Infant parents do not need to do anything.  School will take a lunch register daily for these children.   

Juniors (Key Stage 2)

Is your child entitled to a Free School Meal?

If you meet a certain criteria your child may be entitles to Free School Meals.  This also applies to a child that is in the infants, as any child that meets the criteria generates Pupil Premium within school and school is able to use this money to close the gap in childrens education (See Pupil Premium Section).

Don't delay - apply today.

See below link to the Local Authorities Free School Meal Application page.  As soon as this is approved your child will be entitled to a free meal.


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